Power Your Visual Marketing

Harness the power of visual content to drive sales

Make Instagram Shoppable

Pixelshop makes it easy for customers to shop the products featured in your Instagram posts, turning social engagement into website traffic and sales. Set up your shoppable Instagram feed in minutes – without the help of your e-commerce team.

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Instagram Commerce

Influencer Campaigns
to Reach Your Audience

Our network of influencers are ready to promote your products. Create a campaign and invite them to join. Approve the Influencers that fit your criteria and launch the campaign.

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Drive Sales from UGC

Your fans and followers are taking photos of the products they love. Fanfluence helps you find, moderate and link user generated content to product pages on your blog and website.

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Sell on Facebook

Add a Pixelshop tab to your Facebook page so fans can easily shop your Instagram feed.

Identify Top Performing Content

We gather data on the performance of your content. Discover which posts are driving website traffic and sales. Leverage the insights to optimize your posts.

Boost Ad Performance

Create top performing Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns with content performance data from Pixelshop. Test and improve ad performance before spending a dime. Pixelshop analytics identifies your top performing content, giving you confidence that your ad budget is being spent effectively.